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Hi! I’m Mandy Hofmockel, a journalist specializing in local news and audience engagement for more than 10 years.

In January 2018, I launched the newsletter Journalism Jobs and a Photo of My Dog to give back to those navigating the at times difficult job market.

I had a tough time landing my first full time role. During that job hunt, I applied to more than 100 openings at dozens of organizations across the United States. After five months of intense searching, I landed just three in-person interviews. Luckily, two of those led to job offers.

I’ll be forever grateful to those at my first job who saw something in me and decided to take a chance. That position helped me land others, and I now hold a senior digital leadership role.

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This newsletter includes the tools I wish I had when I was first starting out.

Each week I curate a list of recent job openings organized by region, share industry readings and trainings, and include uplifting messages that have fueled me.

Plus I include a photo of my dog, Maggie, because she always makes me smile.

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I'm a local news journalist with a passion for audience engagement. Also dogs and finding people jobs.